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Find out all about KNEAD Pubs and what makes us so unique

Packed with character, inside and out, KNEAD Pubs are award winning and utterly unique.

You may know Knead Pubs by another name, of course. In November 2014 we decided it was time that the popular The Thurlby Group got a brand new look – one which fully embraced just how wonderful our buildings are, how delicious our home-cooked food is and celebrated the fantastic selection of beverages we pour every day.

So, KNEAD Pubs now represents The Thurlby Group and our scrumptious food, buildings full-to-the-brim with character, locally sourced produce and expertly selected beverages.

Owner of KNEAD Pubs, Michael Thurlby, is local to Stamford and was brought up down the road in Tallington. Having grown up on a farm and surrounded by delicious produce, Michael grew passionate about great food and fantastic pubs – a passion that can now be seen in every corner of every one of our pubs and hotel.

Not only that, but Michael’s farming roots are also why we always opt for locally sourced produce whenever possible. In fact, a lot of the ingredients our chefs use come from the Tallington farm that Michael grew up on. Find out more about the Knead Pubs farm here.

But ultimately, the best way for you to get to know us is to pop by and say hello.

Visit The Tobie Norris, The Prince Rupert, The Lord Nelson, Smith’s of Bourne or The Crown Hotel and you’ll instantly get what KNEAD Pubs is all about!

With the pubs and hotel boasting stunning attention to detail, you’ll marvel at the enamel signs from a bygone era that deck the walls and the quirky features that our customers love so much. But, perhaps most importantly, our pubs and hotel are genuine through and through – all of our buildings have a history of their own, we’re passionate about the food we serve and the beverages we pour are only behind our bars because we love them too. What you see is what you get with KNEAD Pubs!

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